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A classic hero's journey, The Nameless Prince takes readers through the rabbithole, from the grafitti-strewn L.A. flood channel to a world full of metaphysical possibilities....

The Nameless Prince

Seth Bauman has issues. His Mom split ten years ago, right after his birth, and guardian Uncle Troy won't discuss the past. Seth's only friend is Mexican immigrant Elena, whom he must walk home from school through Silver Lake's gang-ravaged streets. When Elena is abducted by local gang 'the Mayans,' Seth has no choice but to follow the Boatman of the L.A. River into the sprawling network of sewers and metro tunnels concealing Mayan headquarters. To Seth the great labyrinth unfolds as a magical realm called 'the Interior,' whose residents immediately deem him the 'Nameless Prince' of prophecy, sent to save them from peril.

To find Elena, Seth embarks on an odyssey of riddles and self-discovery. Only in Interia is it safe to discover the truth about his past, and the forgiveness that will set him free. In rescuing Elena he rescues his own innocence. In fulfilling prophecy by learning his name, Seth discovers the greatness that lies within.

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Where the Godless Folk Live

Just beyond the familiar is a dusty, windswept place where right and wrong confound themselves like a storm come without warning, 'when Ma says it's time to come in and you can smell the change in the air-the humidity creepin' in and push out the dry,' the way Grant tells it. Just beyond the Salt Flats is where the 'Godless Folk' live, he's always been told. Why then, he's left to wonder, does Randsberg, the tiny town on the edge of the flats, produce only two things: bible thumpers and tweakers?

This collection of melancholy fiction calls everything into question: the codes we live by, the invisible infrastructure we depend on like solid ground, the silent wind that sets Joshua spines to buzzing. Pervasive ignorance and intolerance is the bane of true love in 'Outpost,' while simple pettiness sacrifices the truth that could mean freedom in 'Fulfillment.' Whether righteous or morally reprehensible, the characters in Where the Godless Folk Live ring immediately familiar, living and breathing on some other plane. But most importantly, they have something to say.

Far From the Thick of Things

The pages of Far From the Thick of Things drip with incongruous, dreamlike images: a clever trollup braving an earthquake on a London street, a garage sale genie who takes wishes instead of granting them, a destitute theater actress who meets her former self in a dark alley. It's these absurd juxtapositions-the extraordinary in the ordinary-that reveal the mechanics of the universe, as well as the inner-workings of our own hearts. 83,535-word Far From the Thick of Things uses language itself to reveal the human condition, but only the spaces between can breathe metaphysical truth. Equal parts whimsy and poignancy, this collection of short stories is populated with colorful, diverse characters. We meet them at different stages of life, observing the dots that connect over time, weaving a mysterious tapestry of destiny, free will, and complete randomness. Some of the eccentric characters are cuddly, others prickly and rough around the edges. But all are-like us-redeemable.